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Current 2019 - 2020 Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia Bill

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                                                                                                                           PETITION TO STOP ASSISTED SUICIDE/EUTHANASIA

                                                                                         The newly elected legislature in NY is on a mission, and it is not a mission of mercy, but a        

                                                                                         suicide mission for the entire state of NY.  Governor Cuomo of NY has announced that he will support

                                                                                         the NY "Aid in Dying Act" which is nothing other than the legalization of euthanasia.   The bill, which is  

                                                                                         modeled on Oregon and Washington's laws, would declare that even people who have as much as ten  

                                                                                         years to live can be "eligible" for "aid in dying.”

                                                                                                                And NO this is not fake news.

                                                                                        Although the act limits the eligibility for euthanasia to people who have six months to live, that  

                                                                                        determination is made considering the time a person would live without treatment. Under this

                                                                                        definition, even someone with diabetes would be eligible for euthanasia.
            Jeanette Hall, residing in Oregon

Take the case of Jeanette Hall (pictured above)--a woman who voted for Assisted Suicide to become legal in Oregon and later discovered that she had cancer. Because of her fear of chemotherapy, Jeanette requested to be euthanized. However, providentially, she was put into the loving hands of Dr. Kenneth Stevens, a cancer specialist who opposes euthanasia as a corruption of the practice of medicine. Jeanette, who was divorced, and had lost her mother to dementia and her brother to suicide, initially wouldn’t listen to Stevens’ concerns about euthanasia. But Dr. Stevens was able to walk Jeanette back from the cliff by appealing to her motherly instinct and her desire to see her son graduate from the police academy and start a family. Jeanette went through chemotherapy and is still alive today.Now, she is an outspoken opponent of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide.

Another MASSIVE problem with the Act is that it presents a treasure trove of opportunities for abuse. You all remember Terry Schiavo, right? Basically, her husband decided she should die so that he could move on with his life. Well, if Governor Cuomo and those legislators like him have their way, what is going to prevent those with a financial interest from convincing and assisting others to commit suicide so that they can profit? And what if the patient objected or struggled, who would ever know?

We need to let the legislature know that killing the infirm is not merciful, that lethal doses of drugs are not medicine, and that assisted suicide and euthanasia are rife with opportunities for horrific abuse.
Please sign our petition to the legislature of NY to stop assisted suicide, stop euthanasia, and stop Governor Cuomo's crusade for death.

Petition to: Legislature of New York

Stop the Legalization of Euthanasia in NY!
The "Aid in Dying Act" is nothing more than Assisted Suicide with a euphemistic mask to try to deceive the citizens of NY.
It is drafted in such a way that even people with full lives ahead of them would become eligible for euthanasia.
It perverts the practice of medicine, turning healers into killers.
It is rife with the opportunity for abuse by those who would profit from the death of those being euthanized.
Stop the legalization of Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia in NY!